Intuitive readings are different from psychic readings. Most intuitive readers do not read the future, but rather read a person’s individual energy (a subtle distinction). Everyone is intuitive and everyone has the ability to read energy, but some people possess more pronounced strengths in using this.


By tapping into my intuitive gifts, I am able to access extra-sensory information, seeing the overview of your life and how to piece back the separation you have created from yourself. To help you access your own inner-knowing and “special gifts” by empowering you to connect and align back to the truth of you.

An Intuitive reading can provide you with guidance, clarity and understanding about you and your life.


This session will incorporate aspects of the past, present and future potential to provide you with the information and understanding, about how you can make the decisions that are best for you, especially in alignment with your life’s path and purpose, and your current experience.


  • Why you are experiencing certain situations
  • Help you make decisions that align with your highest good
  • Gain a higher perspective on your life direction
  • Work through a current hardship
  • Release blocked energy and past trauma
  • Let go of unhelpful patterns and emotional blocks
  • Activate your highest potential in life and work
  • Connecting to your soul purpose