Melissa is a Qualified ‘Rebirthing’ Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach and IIN Holistic Health Coach.


Being born a highly sensitive, intuitive empath Melissa has been on a journey from birth. A journey with many highs but just as many challenges. Which with little understanding of herself and her abilities she struggled internally to cope with her high sensitivity to life and the depth of how she felt.


Through the years this led her into depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion and unexplainable health problems. Which then, was a reflection of her llfe externally she had created , of abusive relationships, over doing, giving and people pleasing. .


Through her commitment to her inner work it allowed her to shift, grow and change her life and transform her health. Being guided through her shadows to see that she was here to use her life experience and gifts to not only heal herself but to help others do the same.


She discovered a Breathwork technique called “Rebirthing” in her early 20s, which she studied with her mentor Ron Bass. Committed deeply to this breath practice she was amazed by the transformation to her own inner growth but then she wasn’t quite ready to share this healing technique.


She continued studies in many areas to deepen her knowledge to heal. From holistic health, yoga, to intuitive life coaching, mediumship, chakra cleansing and meditation. What she realised is that through all modalities she studied it was all connected by the Breath.


With the combination of her Rebirthing, Yoga teaching, Coaching and integrating her mentors Ron Bass and Belinda Davidson teachings. She was able to be guided by her intuition, balance and harness her energy and to channel and heal with the white light.


Through this powerful combination The Breathwork Experience was birthed...


Big love Melissa x

My Story


From a dramatic near-death entrance at birth this small, highly sensitive little empathic human was on a mission. Feeling everything around me and having a deep knowing and understanding of why and how other people felt, was my beautiful gift but also, I felt like my greatest curse.


Being highly sensitive at a young age had its downfalls as I had no ability to understand and process my openness. It led me to be a very challenging and dramatic kid always reacting to life and circumstances around me. Back then even at a young age I never felt I truly belonged and had this overwhelming aloneness, like I didn’t fit in. Feeling misunderstood and alone from an early age I started back then in my search for this feeling of deep love and connection.


I saw and felt everything differently, my heart was so open it always felt hurt, a deep sadness and a sense that the world wasn’t truly safe. For the extrovert I was, there was this deep, introverted side of me I felt early on that I created to survive. I would withdraw from the world, that would create disconnection that allowed me to cope. This was way my retreat till it felt I was ready to battle this crazy world once more.


But even having this internal battle and unsafe feeling of the world from a young age there was this drive and determination in my soul, it was bigger than me and I had a knowing I was here for a deeper reason. It gave me this strong desire to experience everything in life. Which was a great gift as I felt the fear and did it anyway. But my spontaneity, open heart and no boundaries wasn’t the greatest combination. I made a lot of mistakes and learnt the hard way from all of them.


My understanding of myself was shifted and opened when my ‘Wicked Step Mother Disy entered my life at eleven. I would sit with her for hours talking about life and making food. (Still two of my favourite things to do) She had such a different view of life, one I could understand. My first book she gave me was Dan Milliman’s – The Way to a Peaceful Warrior, which changed my life. All though so much of me didn’t understand the book at the time it made complete sense. For the first time this light inside was lit, my eyes opened to a different path, one that wasn’t always logically understood.


In my early 20’s I started diving deeper into my own growth, trying many different modalities, to clear the trauma and the pain I felt from my past experiences. At 23 I discovered a Breathwork technique called rebirthing. I studied with my mentor Ron Bass and committed deeply to this practice and my inner growth. It connected me to those deep parts of my soul and self that I had hidden. I shifted and moved through some of my deep pain and trauma, as far back as my birth. But I still didn’t feel safe to go further.


Even though I was creating a new path and had this amazing technique to support me I wasn’t ready to step up and be seen. I was yet to experience more darkness as I wasn’t truly able to let go of some core beliefs about myself, to truly trust me. I was in the spiritual closet doing all this inner work but battling at the same time to be normal and accepted.


This led to a lot of anxiety and depression as I was out of my alignment. I was an open hearted, people pleaser that saw the best in everyone with no boundaries, looking for love outside of herself. Staying this way, I was compromising myself to stay in some very destructive even violent relationships.

This sounds crazy but doing this in all the craziness I came to realise I sat comfortably in other people shadows. I felt a sense of purpose. As I could understand their hurt, see how to help them unravel their pain to connect to them to their soul truth. I felt so much compassion for others and a pull to naturally hold space for them to see them how I longed to be truly seen. This was definitely part of my purpose but at the time it was another way to avoid my own shadows. I was sabotaging myself completely, to my own detriment and emotional self-neglect. It was all connected, as it validated my deepest beliefs of myself, that I wasn’t enough or lovable just as I am. So, I stayed in the suffering and was addicted to the struggle, I kept pushing and hustling to make everything happen in my life.


Don’t get me wrong I had created and experienced some amazing things, great love and travelled, lived in many parts of the world. I had an awesome and exciting, happy life I truly did. But on the inside, I still had this longing, this desire for more, the problem was I was searching in the wrong place, outside of myself. Due to this search I kept forging ahead not listening to my truth, until life came to a massive holt when I got very sick with Chronic Fatigue and Lupus. My immune system completely shut down and I was just surviving day by day. My adrenals were shot, my digestive system compromised, skin covered in rash, I had no energy and completely run down and fatigued.


This was my “Mack truck” my Wakeup call, as I lost the ability to do, push and drive my life any longer. I was at my lowest physically and mentally and I knew deeply it was bigger than my diet as I have always been a very healthy eater. My lowest point in life was my greatest gift. It was time to dive deep and this time I finally realised the answers I longed and searched where not going to be found outside of myself. This was an inside job, to unravel all my limiting beliefs, patterns that I had created from a young age to survive and protect myself and my heart. It was time for me to truly become me and step into my light. The only way forward was to feel, heal and love and accept my shadows, my imperfections and everything I created that separated myself from my truth, my soul, my purpose.


Healing myself was a huge challenge, it took time, but I was changed on every level forever. I have experienced many things since including creating two amazing humans. My loves and biggest teachers.


The game changer to now came when I found the work of my friend and mentor Belinda Davidson. She gave me the tools to change my life by working with my own energy. Through meditation, balancing my chakras and working with the white light my life started to reconnect It completely shifted again aligning me to my true self and souls work.


My life and healing journey so far has opened me to discover alternate and holistic ways to support my health. Not only through nourishing my physical body through diet and movement. But to connect and deepen into myself through my breathwork, yoga, meditation, daily rituals and selfcare. It has allowed me to be courageous enough to walk my talk and to be authentically and imperfectly the best version of me.


Through my journey back to me, I hope I can inspire you with my support to do the same.